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Basquerole -- biography/about:
Basquerole is world music's answer to Kruder and Dorfmeister. Their original lush, exotic melodies and harmonies evocative of India, Afghanistan, Egypt, Turkey, India, Spain, and Morocco play off of euphoric electronic grooves and ambient textures. This is music to trance, dance, and to celebrate the universal sound of the spheres.

The songs on the album "Morning of Radiance" range from driving dance-floor numbers like "Pipa in da Haus" to the subtle heartbeat caress of violin and flamenco guitar on "Winter Moon." Their sound is varied, spanning the tabla-sitar-funk psychedelia of "Morning of Radiance" to the catchy and playful chorus of oud, rebab and sarod on "Koalas at Work." Bay Area based Basquerole integrates love for acoustic world instruments with appreciation for the possibilities of sampling, and they record all their own samples.

The Basquerole duo began as the musical wing of the Zambra dance project, the featured Flamenco/Arab fusion act in the 2001 San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival. Eliot Bates brought his skill as an oud player and Arabic singer, and Dan Fries his flamenco virtuosity to the dynamic performance, and they discovered their mutual love of many cultures of musical expression.

Eliot Bates has been active as a producer and sound engineer for many Arab, Turkish, Afghan, Bulgarian, Indian and Javanese classical and modern music projects. He is also noted as a performer of the oud and as a Turkish and Arabic singer, with over 1000 performances in the US, Mexico, Turkey, Spain, and elsewhere. In addition to Basquerole work, he fronts the critically acclaimed Turkish acoustic trio Nerelisin, is the mastermind behind the ambient project Kaderci, and performed extensively with the bands 3spell and Kinetik Trance.

Dan Fries is one of the Bay Area's leading flamenco guitarists, with six years of stellar performances - from SF's Yerba Buena Center, to China and India - with noted artists such as La Tania, Andrés Marín, and in the Bossa Nova combo NovaTalk. He brings a vast background in African rhythm and Indian classical music too, as he studied in India and America with Ali Akbar Khan, and with Ghanaian master drummer C.K. Ladezkpo.


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