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Introduction to greek rebetika and smyrnaiikan music

Welcome to the fourth edition of the miq productions rebetika music website, the internet's first rebetika music site (since 1996). I started this site since there was almost no available information on a music style I liked very much, known as rebetika (Greek ρεμπέτικα, sometimes incorrectly transliterated as rembetika or rembetiko or rebetiko or...). There also were no available recordings, save Marty Schwartz's collection and some 10th generation cassettes floating around California (also from Marty Schwartz's collection). Since then, there has been an explosion of interest in the music form, leading to archive cd reissues, an annual conference, books, and revival bands.

For 2008, I've expanded the bibliography and discography, and fixed broken links throughout the site. In 2007, I revised the text to get rid of some erroneous things, added musical notation excerpts, expanded the bibliography, and added a couple sections. There are other web sites on rebetika now, some of them well researched (and many not), the better of which can be found here. My academic research and music performing interests have taken me in other directions; this will probably be the last/final revision of this rebetika site.

Note: all notation used on this site was created using the amazing open source notation software Lilypond, the only notation that provides functional support for the notation of Eastern European and Middle Eastern musical forms.

To cite this article in your research paper:
Bates, Eliot. 2008. "Introduction to greek rebetika and smyrnaiikan music.", accessed 08/2008.

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