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Kaderci: Mapping Cartographic Abstractions

On "Mapping Cartographic Abstractions," only acoustic instruments were used as sound sources, primarily the oud, bağlama-saz, frame drum, bowed divan-saz, and piano harmonics (no synthesizers of any kind, nor packaged sample libraries). Electronic textures arose from treating the acoustic sounds through FFT processes. Likewise, almost no artificial reverberation was used; instead, all sounds were broadcast into interesting acoustic spaces and re-recorded, capturing unexpected ambiences and making for works that genuinely were "sounded" in particular rooms or cartographies. This album contains works composed and produced from 1996-2008.

This album was, in every aspect, produced through non-conventional recording techniques, and sounds refreshingly different from other "Middle Eastern fusion" and "dark ambient" works. That said, "Mapping Cartographic Abstractions" will immediately appeal to fans of :Zoviet-France:, Rapoon, O Yuki Conjugate, Autechre, Nurse with Wound, Thomas Koner, and Alan Lamb.

A limited edition Digipack (100) is available at the store, and the album is also on
Mapping Cartographic Abstractions
miq cd012: 2008, CD-R, 68:15

Eliot Bates: oud, bağlama-saz, frame drums, bowed divan-saz, piano, electronic treatments

  1. Gaziantepe 1925
  2. Oud-tap
  3. Kaf-in
  4. Double Resonance Boiler
  5. Spruce Goose
  6. The Lower Path
  7. Akşam Makamlar
  8. Gece Makamlar
  9. Deltaoud

Nerelisin: Fark Etmez!

Debut album from Istanbul-based quartet Nerelisin. Featuring an exciting selection of regional Turkish folk songs (türkü) and lively Roman "gypsy" dance numbers (Roman oyun havalari).
Fark Etmez!
miq cd011: 2007, CD-R, ??:??

Eliot Bates: oud, vocals, percussion
Samuel Atchley: clarinet, ney
Sean Tergis: darbukka, bendir
Ladi Dell'aira: vocals
All arrangements by Nerelisin

  1. Anwar
  2. Güneş Topla Benim Için (composed by Zülfü Livaneli)
  3. Deniz Üstü Köpürür
  4. Bizim Maalle/Limoncu
  5. Le Hanim
  6. Arabaya Taş Koydum
  7. Ah Bir Ataş Ver
  8. Sulukele
  9. Esmerim Biçim Biçim

Basquerole: Morning of Radiance

Debut album from Bay Area producers Eliot Bates and Dan Fries. Featuring an all-star cast of Bay area performers, the tracks blend Middle Eastern, Spanish, North Indian, and Punjabi styles with trance techno, downtempo, and bhangra production ethos.

Available on on
Morning of Radiance
miq cd010: 2002, CD-R, ??:??

Eliot Bates: oud, electric oud, vocals, suleng, bass, robab, beats and atmospheres, korg mono/poly, whooshes, assorted percussion
Dan Fries: flamenco guitar, les paul guitar, bass, sitar, sarod, pipa, robab, throat singing, electronic treatments, palmas, bells, assorted percussion, found objects
also featuring Ladi Dell'aira, Tina Bogiages, Patricia Velasquez, Roberto Zamora, Tobias Roberson, David Aue, and Lila Sklar

  1. Morning of Radiance
  2. Dağlara Gel/Venga a la Sierra
  3. Manzanilla
  4. Mithras Melted
  5. Pipa in the House
  6. Winter Moon
  7. Pelicans
  8. Sherry
  9. Martinette
  10. Segah Oud Taksim
  11. Koalas at Work
  12. Radiance before Dawn

Kinetik Trance: Bint al-Balad

The first full-length feature album by Kinetik Trance includes a number of high-energy compositions from Egypt, Turkey, and Greece, as well as several of Kinetik Trance's signature improvisations, which change modes and rhythms faster than you can say "Opa!" The album has a lush sound, though the instrumentation is simply oud and percussion, and the entire album was recorded without edits, overdubs, or click tracks.

Note: out of print
Kinetik Trance
Bint al-Balad
miq cd009: 2002, CD-R, 1:01:10

Eliot Bates: oud, voice
Tobias Roberson: darbukka, dalhalla, def
Jim Grippo: qanun (track 14)

  1. Bint al-Balad
  2. Arabaya Taş Koydum
  3. Çargah Oud Taksim
  4. Take 7
  5. Layali Lubnan
  6. Ya Farid Ya Huzzam
  7. The Camel Song (Mawlid in-Nur)
  8. Laz Bar
  9. Rast Çiftetelli
  10. Acemkürdi Intermezzo
  11. Azeri Waltz
  12. Muhayyer Tekke Semai
  13. Hüseyni Oud Taksim
  14. Tatlı Çiftetelli

3spell: Music for Ultra Gypsies

The soundtrack for the birth of the "urban tribal" dance movement. This CD captures the dynamic interactions of San Francisco's acoustic trio, 3spell. Featuring original compositions by Eliot Bates and Lila Sklar, contemplative improvisations on oud and violin, and rocking percussion rhythms laid down by Tobias Roberson.
Music for Ultra Gypsies
miq cd007: 2001, CD, ??:??

Eliot Bates: oud, vocals, ashiko, bass, electronic treatments
Tobias Roberson: doumbek, daf, riqq
Lila Sklar: violin, octave violin
Rachel Brice: zaghreet

  1. Raqs Sabah
  2. Violin Çiftetelli
  3. Our Broccoli
  4. Dağlar Dağlar
  5. Turgid Oud Taksim
  6. Time Lapse
  7. Salla Sauna
  8. Oud Çiftetelli
  9. Violin Taksim
  10. Tuba and Banjo
  11. Maktub
  12. Salla Sauna (chillitz remix)

Kinetik Trance: The Living Breakbeat (EP)

The debut EP from Kinetik Trance, featuring their hit singles "Mawlid in-Nur (the Camel Song) and Azeri Waltz. Both of these songs were at the top of the world music charts for several months, and have been choreographed by a number of noted oriental dance teachers and performers.

Note: out of print
Kinetik Trance
The Living Breakbeat (EP)
miq cd006: 2000, CD-R, 33:48

Eliot Bates: oud, voice
Tobias Roberson: darbukka, dalhalla, def

  1. Mawlid in-Nur
  2. Azeri Waltz
  3. Drum solo
  4. Anwar Karsilama
  5. Kirdan Oud Taksim
  6. Huzzam Çiftetelli
  7. Eensh Anem
  8. Kürdili Hicazkar Oud Taksim
  9. Kürdili Hicazkar Suit

Kaderci: Record Space

The third outing of Kaderci is geographically the most diverse, with sounds / instruments from Turkey, Pakistan, India, Java, Afghanistan, and Baroque field recordings. Kaderci performs many of the instruments on this recording, including oud, yagli-baglama, piano, frame drum and suleng. The range of treatment qualities is wider than on previous releases, and the overall aesthetic is less ambient and more like a imaginary travelogue of the Silk Road, if that isn't hokey enough for you.

Remastered in 2004 by Eliot Bates at Radical House Studios. Out of print
Record Space
miq cd005: 1999, CD-R, 58:11

Eliot Bates: oud, saz, yaylı-saz, frame drums, suleng, electronics

  1. Anar Visit 1
  2. Myst Monster
  3. Anar Visit 2
  4. Origins 1
  5. 2x Phillip
  6. Origins 2
  7. Aksam Makamlar
  8. Origins 3
  9. Spruce Goose
  10. Ich Werde Nicht Sterben (delta remix)

Warrior Caste: Early Makams

This historical work documents the melodic improvisations and experiments in new directions in Turkish modal music by Eliot Bates and Brad Wright. Completed in 1999, the Intervals project was an improvisatory, electronically treated side project from their main group, Farabi, which was one of the better known American groups performing middle-eastern music. This CD captured 3 "Calls to prayer," in makams Hicazkar, Sabah, and Krd, and 4 "Meditations," in makams Uşşak, Şhehnaz, Hicaz, and Hüzzam.

Note: out of print
Warrior Caste
Early Makams
miq cd004: 1998, CD-R, ??:??

Eliot Bates: oud, yaylı-bağlama, electronic treatments
Brad Wright: violin, yaylı-bağlama

    Part 1: Call to Prayer (oud, violin, and yagli baglama)
  1. Makam Hicazkar
  2. Makam Saba
  3. Makam Kürd
    Part 2: Meditations for oud and violin
  4. Makam Uşşak
  5. Makam Şehnaz
  6. Makam Hicaz
  7. Makam Hüzzam

Kaderci: Mapping Abstractions

Building upon the structures of Afghan Remixes, Mapping Abstraction explores field recordings of Afghanistan and obscure Renaissance recordings, as well as remixes of Warrior Caste. No reverbs, keyboards, or effects units are used on this album, though there is substantial modification to sounds via convolving filters and broadcasting of the sounds into acoustic spaces (and subsequently re-recording them). These unconventional methods make the colours of Mapping Abstraction some of the most unique in ambient music.

Out of print
Mapping Abstractions
miq cd003: 1998, CD-R, 1:03:40

Eliot Bates: piano, frame drums, suleng, yaylı-bağlama, oud, iron instruments

  1. Kaf-in
  2. Kif-it
  3. Clarino excerpt
  4. De Prez
  5. Ox Tail Loop
  6. Afghan Revisited
  7. Koo-ex

Warrior Caste: The Getter Album

This sound sculpture used acoustic feedback to allow wind instrumentalist Joseph Getter to accompany himself, live, on clarinet and ocarina. Thus, you hear the sound of the clarinet interacting with and charting the very unique acoustic spaces of Wesleyan University. The work sounds simultaneously acoustic and electronic (though no keyboards or samplers were used), improvisatory and composed.

Remastered in 2004 by Eliot Bates at Radical House studios.

Note: out of print
Warrior Caste
The Getter Album
miq cd002: 1996, CD-R, 1:07:57

Eliot Bates: ocarina, electronics, sound sculpture/design
Joseph Getter: clarinet, ocarina

  1. Ox Baby!
  2. Ox Tail Loop
  3. Dueling Oxen
  4. Clarino

Kaderci: Afghan Remixes

The first album of Kaderci explores the acoustics of Afghani field recordings, discovering the "innter beauty" of instruments like the zerbghali, zurna, and robab. The sound pallette of this CD is distinctive since all drones and drone-like textures were created not with keyboards or artificial reverbs, but with broadcasting field recordings into acoustic chambers and recording the interaction between the sounds and the real "room."

Out of print
Afghan Remixes
miq cd001: 1996, CD-R, ??:??

Eliot Bates: oud, darbukka, tromba marina, zurna, electronic treatments

  1. Lament
  2. de Prez
  3. unknown
  4. unknown
  5. unknown
  6. unknown
  7. unknwon


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