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  Use this form to contact and miq productions about performance or recording opportunities for our featured artists, to contribute to our online article resources, or about our store and product catalogue. Also let us know if you're interested in hearing about new recordings, books, or projects (we send out very very occasional emails and never share your email address with anyone).

What this form is not for:
We get on average 30-50 requests a month with quite detailed and involved questions: extensive topical bibliographies, finding and bartering down prices for cheap musical instruments for someone, letting them know about every cool band that's emerged in Turkey in the last 5 years, and the like. For 10 years we attempted to be helpful and provide considerate responses. However, we've noticed that despite the effort we put in we almost never (literally, 5-10% of the time) get even so much as a thank you for our efforts. We no longer consider it a valuable use of our time to provide information based on random internet emails, and focus our efforts instead on creating new recordings, and developing widely useful research materials (books, articles, and web sites) that benefit an audience larger than one.

I feel it's a sad state of affairs that we need to explicitly request this, but that's the sad reality of the so-called "connected" world we live in.

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